Long Term Care Pharmacy

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At Kerr Health Long Term Care we aim at simplifying the lives of our customers by providing quality care as well as friendly, convenient and cost-effective pharmacy services for your residents.  We are a North Carolina owned and operated company that truly cares about the wellbeing of those we serve and their families.  

We view ourselves as an extension of your care team.  Our clinical pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals are here to support you and help manage medication management and administration routines.  That takes the burden off of you and helps comfort your residents.

Our services are customizable and designed to address key needs of both residents and staff of senior living communities.  Some of the benefits you receive by choosing Kerr Health are: 

  • Ÿ Personal attention from a pharmacy representative that will work with you individually to manage your medication needs
  • Ÿ Quality care and exceptional customer service
  • Ÿ Bi-monthly visits from our specially trained nurses, who assist with Licensed Health Professional Support (LHPS), Med Pass Observations, Med Cart Audits and Med Tech Checklists
  • Ÿ Continuing education courses for your staff
  • Ÿ Drug regimen review (DRR) and pharmacist consults
  • Ÿ Medication Administration Records (MARs)
  • Ÿ EMAR capabilities
  • Ÿ Flexible billing (facility, resident or third party)
  • Ÿ Competitive pricing for OTC products
  • Ÿ Daily delivery to your community